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/* David Leonard, 2002. Public domain. */
/* $Id: ppp.c 978 2006-01-27 15:01:08Z d $ */

# include "config.h"

# include <pcap.h>
# include <net/ppp_defs.h>

#include "compat.h"
#include "tag.h"
#include "flow.h"

/* When the datalink type is DLT_PPP, we decode PPP-level packets */
const char *
ppp_tag(p, end)
      const char *p;
      const char *end;
      static char tag[TAGLEN];

      switch (PPP_PROTOCOL(p)) {

      /* higher level protocol encapsulation */
      case PPP_IP:
            return ip_tag(p + PPP_HDRLEN, end);
      case PPP_IPV6:
            return ip6_tag(p + PPP_HDRLEN, end);
      case PPP_IPX:
            return "ipx";           /* XXX - could decode further? */
      case PPP_AT:
            return "appletalk";     /* XXX - could decode further? */

      /* ppp private protocols */
      case PPP_IPCP:
            return "ppp-ipcp (IP negotiation)";
      case PPP_IPV6CP:
            return "ppp-ipv6cp (IPv6 negotiation)";
      case PPP_CCP:
            return "ppp-ccp (compression control)";
      case PPP_LCP:
            return "ppp-lcp (link control)";
      case PPP_PAP:
            return "ppp-pap (authentication)";
      case PPP_LQR:
            return "ppp-lqr (link quality)";
      case PPP_CHAP:
            return "ppp-chap (authentication)";
      case PPP_COMP:
            return "ppp-comp (comp/decompression fault)";
            snprintf(tag, sizeof tag, "ppp-0x%04x", PPP_PROTOCOL(p));
            return tag;

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